About the Images

The primary goal of my photography is to most accurately
capture the power and splendor of lightning and weather.

I expose the lightning with film cameras, manual settings,
and transparency (slide) films. Color filters, computer graphics
or special effects are not used. I want to depict the scene
realistically, truest as possible to what it looked like
at that moment.

Colors can be dramatic, changing with atmospheric conditions.
Sky colors can vary widely, particularly in Arizona. Rose or wine
tones can result when I am shooting the storm when sand is in the air.
Rainwashed blue and turquoise tones prevail when the skies
have been cleansed by the monsoon's downpours.

People ask me why photograph lightning. The answer is simple,
"So I can see it." Nature grants us only a millisecond to see each bolt.
In addition, our eyes cannot process all the details. The camera sees all,
and preserves the lightning bolt on film. I hope you enjoy it
as much as I do.

La fotografía de relámpago de Arizona, los Estados Unidos
La photographie d'éclair d'Arizona, USA
Blitzfotografie von Arizona
Lynfotografi av Arizona
De bliksem fotografie van Arizona

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